Youngstown, OH 1997

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Economically stagnant, experiencing urban decay, this college town is full of empty, boarded up buildings.

Dakota, a 19 year old student majoring in Sculpture, attempted to live on campus but was unable to secure themself come the full moon. This was a terrible disaster- rampaging through the dorms until they caught the attention of Andel and Dustin Hobbes, werewolf hunter. Sabrina was also trailing behind unnoticed, tracking down her childhood friend. During this fateful confrontation, she charmed Dustin into standing down to help save Dakota, as Andel defended them as well.

Before this confrontation, Dustin was destroying a library during a PTSD episode, but Sabrina quipped at Dustin so sarcastically that he snapped out of it, realizing he'd created some major property damage.

Now unable to live on campus, Dakota gets an offer from Andel to live in his basement rent free, with his aid for the full moon. He introduces them to his Sect, an occult organization with an agenda to rehabilitate the relations between monsters and the mundane. Because of the precarious situation they found themself in, Dakota accepts the invitation and agrees to help in Sect duties.

Dakota also works at a Sami-Quik Stop to support themself. After the invitation to the Paranonymous support group, they meet Dustin properly and now boxes with him.

And then stuff happens