Spellman Residence

Sabrina kicks open the door to her room, her face uncommonly flush with color. She takes off her walkman to the sound of Van Halen's Runnin' With The Devil. She then tosses the CD onto the floor and slaps one into her cd player that she never connected with before and perhaps even actively avoided: Judas Priest's Devil's Child. As she cranks the volume and lets the music fill the room, she sits at her desk and from her bag pulls out a few cold strands of hair and a rose stem devoid of petals. Looking to a pentagram carved into the desk she smiles and says, “Let’s get to work.”

Dakota sidles in, wrestling a particularly feisty sacrificial rabbit. "You're... Sure you know what you're doing with this right? You're not gonna overseason with the rose and make him too obsessive right?" They've given up on convincing Sabrina against this plan entirely, but may as well mitigate some potential for skeeve.

"No, I don't think I will hex him directly; I still have some planning and research but I plan to trap the hex already on him into this rose stem- so that when he is close and I touch the stem he is overcome with a greed centered on compliments from me so he is more amenable in the future, but not constantly following me around."

It takes Dakota a few seconds to figure out what she means, but they get there. "Y-yeah, okay. A degree of separation's gotta help uh, dilute it." They aim the rabbit into a small wooden cage and close the hatch. "Gettin' followed is an easy way to always feel like you're wigging out."

Yes well if this adventure taught me anything it’s that a little prudence and due diligence is in order. Anyway. Thank you for seeing me home safely, I will see you at the next meeting.

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