Ever hate a particular element of the Fallout franchise and wish desperately to be angry at one specific person instead of allowing Todd Howard to carry most of the blame? Do you want to know who the real movers and shakers behind Fallout canon and beyond are? Well look no further!


Chris Avellone


One of, if not the biggest contributors to Fallout canon. Known for assembling the no-longer canon Fallout Bible, writing three of the New Vegas DLCs (Dead Money, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road), writing the All Roads graphic novel prequel to New Vegas. He hates horses in Fallout and struck talking animals from the canon. He has also sexually assaulted multiple women.

Josh E. Sawyer


The lead director for Fallout: New Vegas, designer of Arcade Gannon, and writer+designer for the Honest Hearts DLC. His online presence has been marked by being one of few people willing to consistently answer questions about Fallout: New Vegas, its setting, the development process, and issues with the gaming industry. He also sang the songs performed at the Tops Theater after the Talent Pool quest is completed- "Cobwebs and Rainbows", "Streets of New Reno", "New Vegas Valley", and "Home on the Wastes"- all adaptions of older folk songs made to fit the setting. He has since apologized for Honest Hearts here, and detailed his particular responsibility here.

Pete Hines


PR Director for Bethesda and sport dad, the only good thing that has come out of Pete Hines’ mouth is the phrase “There’s a lot you can do with a hatchet and a nazi.” After Fallout 4 released and people realised it was Fallout 3 2 and not Fallout New Vegas 2, his twitter devolved into arguments about the Kid In A Fridge quest, burning the phrase “This isn’t about lore consistency” into my mind forever.

Emil Pagliarulo


Lead Writer of the east coast Fallouts, Emil Pagliacci runs under the radar of most fans in favor of scapegoating Todd Howard for the questionable plot writing and clumsy premises. He probably does work on the Elder Scrolls but I never played them. Weirdly, he has a self-insert easter egg in Fallout 4 who tries to sell the Sole Survivor a fake credit card and then proceeds to call them the r-slur.

Robert Trump


Not directly tied to Fallout but a weird connection nonetheless, as Donald Trump’s younger brother. Formerly a member of ZeniMax Media’s Board of Directors until his death in August 2020, this was an unnerving little fact I kept in my head quietly that I assumed everyone knew but then he died and people were astounded by it.

Todd Howard


I just personally think his influence is overstated, in spite of his own personal power within bethesda and the creative control he had over Fallout 3. I don’t think he’s ever had an introspective thought in his entire life.