The Anarcryptid Party

The Plot Summary

Grenadine, Gnome Alchemist
Syndraya Vaneth, Elven Changeling Shifter
Oh die, Cleric
Wilfred Holtbuckle, Gnome Summoner
Leviathan, Planar Summon
8Ball, Tengu Rogue
Laminus, Honorary Dwarf Paladin
Aleister, Human Sorcerer
Drake, Kobold Investigator

Friends, Allies, and Honorable Mentions

LeNormand, Ratfolk Gravewalker
Barnabus, Monkey Familiar
Iolena, Half-sister of Syndraya

Many others have briefly joined the group in temporary allyship, but it would be a moot point to list them all here. Perhaps someday a record of those shall be added, but for now this shall be strictly an archive of mostly player characters.